El Shaddai

El Shaddai (meaning the All-Sufficient One, the Lord Will Provide)
El Shaddai is the local Food Pantry ministry of Crystal River Church of God to the community.  Acting as an extension of the church, each week the El Shaddai food ministry serves not only Crystal River, but a large portion of Citrus County and the west side, by providing hope and nourishment to many families in need. 
Each Tuesday from 10am--1pm, El Shaddai opens their doors, often with long lines where people are waiting to receive help and encouragement.  This outreach ministry of Crystal River Church of God began in 2001, and is currently headed up by local volunteers, Don and Penny Merrill, who have been serving as the directors of this ministry for 13 years.  Don and Penny currently have a team of approximately 40 volunteers who are active in the El Shaddai ministry.  As they rotate volunteers, each week about 25 meet to assist by organizing supplies and filling bags of food for distribution to local families.  By ministering to the physical need of the recipients, they are able to show the love of Jesus in a caring, and compassionate manner that allows them to reflect the mission of the Church, reaching outside the walls to the people.
El Shaddai has a heart for the community of Citrus County, and works to partner with other churches to serve the residents better.  El Shaddai is a partner agency to the Community Food Bank of Citrus County and Feeding America.  
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